[TECH] Release Notes of NGSign 2.10

We are happy to announce that NGSign 2.10 is released with two main features:

  1. First, it is now possible to use NGSign and sign with your DigiGo certificate. All you need is to get your certificate from any ANCE reseller ; then you are ready to NGSign !
  2. Also, the signature workflow management is enhanced by a new feature. Any signer have now the ability to refuse to sign a document if he does not agree with its terms with a mandatory refusal reason. The inviter (the transaction creator) will be automatically notified of the refusal and its causes.

Many minor improvements and bug corrections were also implemented.

Front client

New feature

  • [NGWWW-175] – Add the possibility to « refuse to sign a document » (with a mandatory  refusal reason)
  • [NGWWW-178] – Integrate the PDS with the new DigiGo API
  • [NGWWW-179] – Add a message « signature goes here » to mark the signing zone



  • [NGWWW-171] – The redirection after signature is not correctly working in the PDS
  • [NGWWW-173] – Make the signature pad responsive
  • [NGWWW-177] – Don’t allow signers to view the documents of CANCELED transactions



  • [NGWWW-168] – Fix PDS display for signatures of type DigiGo and SSCD



New feature

  • [NGWS-140] – Add a WS refuse to sign a document and notify the transaction creator of the refusal reason
  • [NGWS-143] – Integrate the new DigiGo API and handle the DigiGo missing WS to get the public certificates
  • [NGLIBS-61] – Implement the signature and registration processes of DigiGo 2.0



  • [NGWS-142] – Errors occur when the phone number starts with +216
  • [NGWS-144] – The certificate validity range is not correctly checked for signature with SSCD


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